Consulting Services

services N&R Technology Consulting division assists organizations in managing IT projects, developing tools, fine-tuning processes and providing training to employees to improve organizational productivity and efficiency. N&R Technology offers project management, custom software development, custom courseware development, Pre- and Post-assessment of training program, online reference guide and help manual.

IT Project Management

Our project managers assist organizations in managing small to large technology projects associate with training. Our Project Management team includes PMP Certified project managers.

Custom Courseware Development Services

page5-img1 Our expert technical writers in collaboration with instructors develop courseware to meet an organization’s unique training and development needs. Whether the training program includes standard applications or proprietary software, our courseware development services allow you to choose the content covered to meet the specific needs of the organization. Our technical writers specialize in understanding the application and development of customized courseware for client-specific applications.

Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment Development

Our expert technology educators can help you in designing and developing pre-assessment and post-assessment tests to assess the effectiveness of the training programs.

Online Reference Guides & Help Manual

Our technical writers have the expertise in understanding and developing a user guide, training manual, and assessment software for client-specific applications.

Instruct-Led Software Training

page5-img5 N&R Technology provides professional and highly effective instructor-led training to individuals and companies. The course offerings include mainstream business applications. We also offer customized training in a proprietary application.